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Auntie Kayte

Auntie Kayte

Auntie Kayte enchants children with songs and stories about familiar characters like knights and princesses, pirates and fairies, unicorns and rainbows, but in a world where you see both sides of the story. These songs capture children's imaginations while teaching them that actions have consequences, and people (and unicorns) are valued for who they really are. Kids are emotionally drawn to these stories and their messages. This connection provides opportunities for meaningful conversations about deeper subjects like personal responsibility, compassion and possibilities that help them interpret their world and apply the lessons to real life.

In addition to the fantasy story songs, Auntie Kayte writes about life situations from getting up in the morning with a good attitude to making choices, learning new things, taking care of yourself and the environment and picking up your toys. The life songs are a great starting point for making up your own words about how you do things at your house or in your classroom, and the catchy melodies make them easy to remember.

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