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Dorothy Zerbe

Dorothy Zerbe

Dorothy Zerbe is a singer-songwriter who has experienced life as a mother, teacher, wife and friend. She has lived in 6 different states and has visited many other countries including England, France, Austria, Italy, Germany, Peru and Canada. She brings to her music the influences from her childhood and adolescence: Broadway music, the Chad Mitchell Trio, Peter, Paul and Mary, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, James Taylor, John Denver, Cat Stevens, etc. These influences had a profound effect on not only her delivery and style of music but also on her thought processes and philosophy. Dorothy also experienced a healthy dose of classical and jazz influence from her mother and father. They are/were dyed-in-the-wool musicians, her mother being a soprano soloist in a 1973 performance with the Bozeman Symphony, singing the Verdi Requiem, a recording Dorothy still has and treasures. 

Her voice has been described as pure gold, clouds in the sky, velvet, silk, etc. She can belt one out as well. Dorothy was a fun, adventuresome child who wasn’t afraid of the dirt. She recognizes that quality in the children she raised and in other children she encounters. Dorothy works as a church music planner where she is employed as the Street Musician, a Busker if you will, singing songs in the Marketplace of 29 A.D. If you asked her what her favorite aspect of this job is, her answer would always be "It's about the people, the face-to-face contact. It's about kids coming up and wanting to play your ukulele, or sing along with you on a song." She will most likely take any thrown tomatoes and blend them into a yummy Italian sauce made with basil from her back porch, and then invite you to dine with her and talk about something other than religion or politics. In essence, if you want to hear true lyrics delivered in a genuine, straight-from-the-heart style, listen to Dorothy’s songs. The melodies are hummable and the lyrics will mean something to you.

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