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I Am Bullyproof Music

I Am Bullyproof Music

I Am Bullyproof, lead by Lessia Bonn, is dedicated to developing music and lesson plans to inspire young people to "dig deeper fo the real truth" by encouraging kindness, inner strength and self awareness. These inner strengths can save them from turning into bullies, and can also help them better deal with bullies that might show up.

For almost a decade, Lessia Bonn served as music teacher, vocal coach and life counselor to a colorful pop choir (ages 10-17) known as "Lessia's Crew". It was a magical adventure! As young people confided their challenges to Lessia daily, she soon realized she could make a huge dent in youthful perceptions by scribbling helpful insights into acoustic pop songs that were addictively fun to sing. Lessia has also worked in classrooms with all age students. She is currently working with an adorable batch of fourth graders. It's never boring!

Dru Frick, a lovely teacher with a daughter who grew up in Lessia's Crew, had been using crew material with her own students for years. When Dru heard Lessia was formalizing crew material into a critical thinking/life skills program, she offered to create the lesson plans. Dru has been an educator for 20 years, and has taught every elementary grade level. 

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