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Nonconformist Song and Lesson Plan

I Am Bullyproof Music
Individual Song, Lyrics and Lesson Plan Download

This delightful anti-bullying tune, based on a true story, has a proven history of empowering young students by encouraging them to re-evaluate what is "cool" and what is ordinary. Our "Nonconformist" tune makes being a follower a boring choice in the eyes of the younger set. Oh, the thankful mail we get on this song! If Steve Jobs would have penned a children's tune--this tune would be it! 

Help your students discover what is special and unusual about them! This lesson plan and adorable tune are especially great for uplifting students who are "gifted". Grades 1-3.

From our mailbox:

"My daughter just told me it's your "Nonconformist" song that's defined her life. No bullies have ever stood a chance with her. She knows who she is--she stands tall! She's a nonconformist!"

"My son always felt like an outcast until he learned your song. Now he knows that he is unique and special. He stands tall. Your song changed his life!"

Here is a simple and lovely studio recording with Lessia on piano and Carolina,10, on vocal :-) Our little munchkin will enchant you as she shares her tale of several teachers over the years and their reactions to Lessia's gifted oldest son. Yes, this fun tune is based on a true story. Kid you not! Naturally, it has a happy ending.

"Nonconformist" is often used in school performances and at graduations. It is an audience favorite.

Click MP3 Demo to listen to sound clip!

This download includes:

  • Nonconformist Song (Mp3)
  • Lesson Plan for grades 1-3, but easily adapted for older grades (pdf)
  • Lyrics (pdf)


When Ty was in the first grade, his teacher called his mother
She said, "Ma'am, I hate to tell you, but your kid's not like the others
When they're out playin' baseball, he's off swingin' on a swing
In my expert opinionm it's just not a natural thing"

He never goes with the flow or sticks to the plan
Seems we've got a non-conformist on our hands
He just won't do what they do or say what they say
Your child's givn' me a headace, ma'am, 'n I can't work this way
No, I just can't work this way

When Ty was in the second grade, his ma got another call
This teacher kept 'a harpin' -- He's not fittin' in at all
The other kids, they like him, but he doesn't seem to care
His head is in the clouds ma'am, 'n I don't like it there


Well, he'd made t to the third grade when the phone it rang again
This teacher really like Ty, she said, "He's go so many friends
With that great imagination, he's a stand out in the crowd
Guess that's whey the other kids follow kim around"

CHORUS: He never goes with the flow or sticks to the plan
Seems we've got a non-conformist on our hands
He just won't do what they do or say what they say
I know he'll go far, chances are, he'll be president someday
He's gonna be president someday

Well, there's a moral to this story, let me tell you how it goes
Teachers have pinions but only mama knows
Ty's ma never worried, she said, "You just be yourself
A special little person unlike anybody else

FINAL CHORUS: He never went with the flow or stuck to the plan
'N he gew to ba a non-conformist kind of man
Who still won't do what is done or say what is said
But now the New York Times, they're quotin' him instead
Now the New York Times, they're quotin' him instead. Oh Yeah! 


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