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Marla Lewis

Marla Lewis

Marla Lewis has been dubbed, "one of the best creators of children's music in America today...[whose songs are]... filled with a warm wit and a happy heart." (--Steve Cahill, President, Songwriters' Resource Network). Her songs are about everything you can imagine and have a distinct World flavor.

Marla's tune "Leap of Faith" (co-written with with Nancy Schimmel), about a little girl who stood up to a bully, appears on the the Grammy winning CD for children, ALL ABOUT BULLIES...BIG AND SMALL. Her CDs have won Parents' Choice Gold and NAPPA Gold awards. Currently, Marla is writing personalized songs for children with cancer through Songs of Love, a national charity. She is also writing songs with second graders and singing with preschoolers at day care centers.

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