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Johnny and the Raindrops

Johnny and the Raindrops

Twangin’ on a guitar! Bangin’ on a drum! Look out everybody, ‘cause here come …

Johnny and the Raindrops play exciting and original music for children and families. The four-piece band have been thrilling audiences with their 'gigs for cool kids' since 2008 at festivals and family events across the U.K. Songs from band’s seven albums are brought to life with costumes, props and a whole heap of help from the audience. 

Their rock’n’rollin’-jump-up-and-down-hip-shakin’ tunes have been entertaining and educating the children of the world on radio, TV and on YouTube, Spotify and anything else that can stream. 

'Lend a friend a hand' was recently nominated for the Roundglass song writing award in New York. 'Shine a light' has been sung by school children in the Arctic Circle, Germany, Australia and elsewhere. 

‘Musically inspiring … encapsulate the spirit of fun … sheer brilliance!’Children’s Music Network

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