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Peace Songs: Songs that Encourage Peaceful Attitudes

Song suggestions for a classroom Peacemaking theme unit.

These peace song lyrics are available from a variety of albums.

A World United— Vitamin L
All Over This World — Two of a Kind
America's Future— John "Kinderman" Taylor
Bells of Peace— Jack Hartmann
Building Our World— Joe Crone
Calm Down Boogie— Betsy Rose
Circle of Peace— Carol Johnson
Come With Me! (William Penn)— Jonthan Sprout
Connection— Two of a Kind
Cool Cooperation— James Oglesby
Cranes Over Hiroshima— Two of a Kind
Do the Right Thing— Watkins & Davis
Family Feeling— Jan Nigro
Family Tree— Two of a Kind
Find Peace Everywhere— Todd Werner
Give Peace a Try— Todd Werner Songs To Get Along
The Golden Rule— Jack Hartmann
Heart to Heart— Two of a Kind
I Am Building My House— Joe Crone
I Believe— Jack Hartmann
I Choose Peace— Carol Johnson
I Did Something for Peace Today— Carol Johnson
If Not Me, Then Who? If Not Now, Then When?— Carol Johnson
Kids Are The Future— Skip West
Kid's Peace Song— Jack Hartmann
Let Deeds, Not Words— Joe Crone
Let It Shine Everywhere, Everyone!— Jim Rule
Listen!— Paulette Meier
Martin— Jonathan Sprout
May You Be Happy— Betsy Rose
The More We Get Together— Traditional Song
Paz y Libertad— Two of a Kind
PEACE— Jack Hartmann
Peace Soup— Jack Hartmann
Person of Peace— Caroline and Danny
Pitfalls— Two of a Kind
Planting Seeds of Love— Pam Donkin
Planting Seeds of Peace— Betsy Rose
Positive Power— Jack Hartmann
Powerful (Samantha Smith)— Jonathan Sprout
Some Rights in This World— Jan Nigro
Song of Peace (from Finlandia)—Earth Mama - Joyce Rouse
Tear Down the Walls— Jan Nigro
T.I.M.E. at the Peace Table— Paulette Meier
That is a Mighty Power— Jan Nigro
This is the Way— Jack Hartmann
Today's Children, Tomorrow's Future— Music with Mar.
Touch The Future— Jim Rule
Under the Rainbow— Earth Mama - Joyce Rouse
Walk a Mile— Jan Nigro
Walk In My Shoes— Todd Werner
We Want Peace— John "Kinderman" Taylor
What Does Peace Mean?— Paulette Meier
Why Not Try Peace for Awhile?— Joe Crone
Work It Out With Words— Jack Hartmann

Musical Plays
Martin Luther King Jr. - 10-Minute Mini Musical Play- Ron Fink & John Heath

Circle of Peace– Carol Johnson
Come Join the Circle -- LessonSongs for Peacemaking– Paulette Meier
Follow A Dream– Jack Hartmann
Getting Better at Getting Along– Jack Hartmann
Kids' Value Pack: Character & Values– Caroline and Danny
"Make a Difference" Character Education– "Miss Jenny"
Peace In the Hood– John "Kinderman" Taylor
Peace It Together– Mary Miché
Peace Pals: Character Education Songs– Watkins & Davis
Songs to Get Along– Todd Werner
Swingin' In the Key of "L" – Vitamin L
Walk a Mile– Vitamin L
We Can Move the World– Joe Crone

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