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Some Rights in this World
Jan Nigro

This song is available on Vitamin L's Every Moment!

I’ve got some rights, some rights in this world. 
You’ve got some rights, some rights in this world. 
Just by being born, every boy and girl, 
Automatically got some rights in this world.

I must be free to think my thoughts, 
and to say what I must say; 
To believe in what I believe, 
and I don’t believe that anyone should take it all away, Hey:


I need to feel safe in the streets 
And at home and school each day. 
I've got to love who I naturally love, 
and if someone tells me different, this is what I'm gonna say, Hey:


Now, there are people on this earth 
who are still not treated fair. 
No, they don't have the rights they deserve 
So let's sing this song for everybody, everywhere -



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Many thanks to Jan Nigro and Vitamin L for permission to publish these lyrics.
© 1991 Jaminination Music BMI. Used with permission.

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