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Peace Songs: Songs that Encourage Peaceful Attitudes

Song suggestions for a classroom Peacemaking theme unit.
Peace songs

These peace song lyrics are available from a variety of albums.

A World United — Vitamin L
All Over This World — Two of a Kind
America's Future — John "Kinderman" Taylor
Bells of Peace — Jack Hartmann
Building Our World — Joe Crone
Calm Down Boogie — Betsy Rose
Child of God — Daria
Circle of Peace — Carol Johnson
Come With Me! (William Penn) — Jonthan Sprout
Connection — Two of a Kind
Cool Cooperation — James Oglesby
Cranes Over Hiroshima— Two of a Kind
Do the Right Thing — Watkins & Davis
Family Feeling — Jan Nigro
Family Tree — Two of a Kind
Find Peace Everywhere — Todd Werner
Give Peace a Try — Todd Werner Songs To Get Along
The Golden Rule — Jack Hartmann
Hatred Has No Place — Two of a Kind
Heart to Heart — Two of a Kind
I Am Building My House — Joe Crone
I Believe — Jack Hartmann
I Choose Peace — Carol Johnson
I Did Something for Peace Today — Carol Johnson
I Stay Peaceful and Calm — Growing Sound
If Children Ruled the World — Mrs. Music & WLA Children's Choir
If Not Me, Then Who? If Not Now, Then When? — Carol Johnson
If Not Me, Then Who? — Barb Tilsen
I'm Wishing – Donna & Andy
I've Got Peace in my Fingers — Barb Tilsen
Kids Are The Future — Skip West
Kid's Peace Song — Jack Hartmann
Let Deeds, Not Words — Joe Crone
Let It Shine Everywhere, Everyone! — Jim Rule
Listen! — Paulette Meier
Love Grows One by One — Barb Tilsen
Martin — Jonathan Sprout
May You Be Happy — Betsy Rose
No Time for Hate — Annie Lynn & Chris Arms
The More We Get Together — Traditional Song
Paz y Libertad — Two of a Kind
PEACE — Jack Hartmann
Peace Soup — Jack Hartmann
Peace Will Dawn — Timmy Abell
Person of Peace — Caroline and Danny
Pitfalls — Two of a Kind
Planting Seeds of Love — Pam Donkin
Planting Seeds of Peace — Betsy Rose
Positive Power — Jack Hartmann
Powerful (Samantha Smith) — Jonathan Sprout
Some Rights in This World — Jan Nigro
Song of Peace (from Finlandia) —Earth Mama - Joyce Rouse
Soldier of Peace —Dr. Mac - Happy Kids Songs
Tear Down the Walls — Jan Nigro
T.I.M.E. at the Peace Table — Paulette Meier
That is a Mighty Power — Jan Nigro
This is the Way — Jack Hartmann
Today's Children, Tomorrow's Future — Music with Mar.
Touch The Future — Jim Rule
Under the Rainbow — Earth Mama - Joyce Rouse
Walk a Mile — Jan Nigro
Walk In My Shoes — Todd Werner
We Want Peace — John "Kinderman" Taylor
What Does Peace Mean? — Paulette Meier
Why Not Try Peace for Awhile? — Joe Crone
Work It Out With Words — Jack Hartmann

Musical Plays
Martin Luther King Jr. - 10-Minute Mini Musical Play- Bad Wolf Press

Circle of Peace – Carol Johnson
Come Join the Circle -- LessonSongs for Peacemaking – Paulette Meier
Follow A Dream – Jack Hartmann
Getting Better at Getting Along – Jack Hartmann
Kids' Value Pack: Character & Values – Caroline and Danny
"Make a Difference" Character Education – "Miss Jenny"
Peace In the Hood – John "Kinderman" Taylor
Peace It Together – Mary Miché
Peace Pals: Character Education Songs – Watkins & Davis
Songs to Get Along – Todd Werner
Swingin' In the Key of "L" – Vitamin L
Walk a Mile – Vitamin L
We Can Move the World – Joe Crone

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