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I Believe

Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jack Hartmann


This song is available on Jack Hartmann's Every 1 Counts
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Today is, ______, and I believe
(children say the day of the week)
I believe in you
I believe in me
We can bring this world a little love and peace
There’s so much we can do and see

(Repeat each line)
We can shake a hand and give a smile
We can build a bridge between you and I
We can give a hug and say good day
We can dance together sing and play


(Repeat each line)
We can shine our light and make a brighter world
We can show respect to every boy and girl

We can dream big dreams and make them grow
We can start right here, ready set let’s go
It starts in the heart and it goes so far
With our head held high reaching for a star

Holding hands together you and I
Helping each other we can fly high
Today is, _______, and I believe


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Many thanks to Jack Hartmann for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Jack Hartmann. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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