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Songs About Family Life

and All Kinds of Families
family songs

Celebrate Family!
Whether you need educational music about love, families or a new baby in the house, you'll find a varied selection below. These Family Songs are for children of all ages... and many will also appeal to grown-ups.

These family songs are available from a variety of albums:

1, 2, 3, Four-Ever Friends – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
A Baby in Our House – Music with Mar.
A Bushel and A Peck – Vivi Melody & Family
A Family is a Family – Skip West
A Family Is What You Make It – Jim Rule
A Feast – Gemini
A Hug – The W. L. A. Children's Choir
All You Need Is Love – Vivi Melody & Family
At 3:00 My Brother Comes Home – Lynn Brown
Because I Said So! – Jim Rule
Best Family & Friends Songs Ever! –Mrs. Music & Friends
Big Bushy Mustache – Sam Jones
Cousins – Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
Daddies – Marilyn M. Linford
Daddies are Special People – Music with Mar.
Daddy, Do You Wanna? – Susan Harrison
Daddy Is A Rock and Roll Star – Wayne Potash
Dance to Your Daddy – Traditional Song Lyrics
Everybody Has a Family – Music with Mar.
Families All Over the World – Pam Donkin
Family – J.W. Snyder
Family – Carol Johnson
Family are Special People to Me - Songs For Positive Schools
Family Dance – Dr. Thomas Moore
Family Feeling – Jan Nigro
Family Harmony – Two of a Kind
Family Tree – Two of a Kind
Four Hands – Two of a Kind
Fingers Under the Door – Vivi Melody & Family
Fiorever and Forever – Priscilla Ahn
Give Him Back – Gary Rosen
Goin' to Grandma's – Timmy Abell
House of Love – Vincent Nunes
How Many Ways Can You Say “I Love You”? – Music with Mar.
Hug-a-Bug-a-Boo - Mrs. Kate
The Hug Song – Miss Jenny
I Drive My Mommy Crazy – Gary Rosen
I Love You – Vivi Melody
I Love You, No Matter What – Jack Hartmann
I'm A Special Kid – Dr. Thomas Moore
I'm My Own Grandpa – Timmy Abell
Isn't It Good To Know – Carol Johnson
It's Good to Love Somebody – Dave Kinnoin
It's Love – Jack Hartmann
Lemonade Stand – Dave Kinnoin
Let's Sing with our Grandmas & Grandpas– Music with Mar.
Love Bug – Silly Goose & Val
Love Is Like A Boomerang – Jim Rule
Love Is . . . – Alina Celeste
Love, Love, Love - My Family – Listen & Learn
Love Makes a Family – Two of a Kind
Love Makes a Family – Betsy Rose
Love Grows One by One – Carol Johnson
Memere's House – Judy Pancoast
The More We Get Together – Traditional/Jim Rule
My Ancestors – Betsy Rose
Mothers of Messy Kids, Unite! – Mrs. Kate
My Best Friend – Prue Whoo
My Daddy – Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
My Dog Brings Out The Best In Me – Dave Kinnoin
My Hand In Your Hand – Growing Sound
My Mommy – Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
My Wish for You – Vivi Meldoy & Family
The New Baby At My House – Dr. Thomas Moore
New Shoes – Timmy Abell
One Family – Two of a Kind
One World Family – Timmy Abell
Our Family Is a Happy One – Fred Gee
(Older People Have) So Much to Share – Jan Nigro
Table Of Life – Gemini
Te Quiero – Alina Celeste
Thank You, Mom – Listen & Learn
Thankful – Listen & Learn
That's A Family
That's My Family – Listen & Learn
That's What Moms Are For – Sandy Sherman (Instrumental & Sheet Music)
There's A Baby Coming Home – Grin Brigade
The Thing I Love Most – Vivi Melody & Family
Triplets – Linn Brown
Under One Sky – Two of a Kind
We Are a Family – Jack Hartmann
We Are Your Children – Mrs. Music
What Is A Mother? – Marilyn M. Linford
What'll I Do With the Baby-O? – Traditional Folk Song/Bob Silberg
When Mama Says No – Mrs. Kate
We're Twins – Two of a Kind
You'll Always Be My Child – Music with Mar.
You're Wonderful– Debbie Clement


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