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Song About Thanksgiving - Lyrics and Sound Clip
Listen and Learn

This song is available on Listen and Learn's Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for?
What are the things that make you smile?
The things in your life you appreciate,
People who go the extra mile.
What are you grateful for?
Who would you like to say thank you to?
I will start: speaking from my heart,
I am thankful for you.

Your family and friends at school,
And the teachers who help you learn
Are all people to be thankful for.
Now it’s your turn:


Your bed at night, and where you live,
And the clothes and shoes you wear
Are all things to be thankful for.
Now it’s time for you to share:


The food you eat at every meal,
And the table where you sit
Are all things to be thankful for.
Can you think of more:



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Many thanks to Rachel Rambach for permission to display these lyrics.
©Rachel Rambach. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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