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Our Family is a Happy One
Family Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Fred Gee

This song is available on Fred Gee's Community Songs From Fred Gee

Written by Fred Gee with the 1992/93 Grade 3 Classes
Arlington Elem. School, Poughkeepsie, NY

Laughter is a happy sound that makes us feel okay
When we laugh at funny things it brightens up our day
It brings us all together, it always makes us smile
Our family is a happy one ‘cause there’s laughter once in a while.

Yes you ... ... and me ... ..
We’re part of the same old family
This family
Is a big, big part of you and me.

Caring is a special thing that makes everyone feel good
And when we care for those we love we’re doing what we should
When someone really loves us we know that we’re a part
Our family is a happy one ‘cause our caring comes from the heart.


Encouragement helps give us strength it’s really like a key
It opens doors for everyone to be what they can be
If someone helps support us our confidence abounds
Our family is a happy one ‘cause encouragement can be found.


Working as a team is fun it builds a sense of pride
And when we all cooperate we’re all on the same side
There never is a loser and everybody wins
Our family is a happy one ‘cause we work together as friends.



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Many thanks to Fred Gee for permission to display these lyrics.
© Clear Horizons Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

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