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Song For Teaching About Families
Marilyn M. Linford


This song is available on Marilyn M. Linford's Your World at a Glance

Daddies come in sizes, different shapes and such
But, one thing is for certain they love us all so much. 
Sometimes daddies go to work so they can earn some pay,
But when the day comes to an end they hurry home to play. 

Daddies teach us lessons, so we'll know wrong from right,
And when we do the best we can they squeeze us up real tight. 

Daddies are so funny; they make us laugh and giggle
And sometimes daddy laughs so hard his belly does a jiggle. 

Daddies read us stories as they tuck us into bed. 
They shower us with kisses upon our little heads. 

Some daddies like to cook and clean, they scrub and shine the floor. 
They help us brush our teeth at night, then check and lock the door. 

They whisper to us softly when the day is through,
"I know you've done your best today, remember I Love You." 

Yes, daddies are so special each has a part to play,
But my daddy is best of all the best in every way.


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Many thanks to Marilyn M. Linford for permission to display these lyrics.
© Marilyn M. Linford. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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