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A World United
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jan Nigro

This song is available on Vitamin L's

Sing For Dr. King! Vitamin L Songs For a Beloved Community

If Earth was attacked by monsters from outer space,
Would we pull together as a human race?
Oh tell me, is that what would have to take place,
For us to be a world united?

And if the law of gravity changed today,
So that things on Earth began to float away,
Then maybe every country would start to say,
We better think as a world united!

We don’t need catastrophe,
For us to see that were all family.
Respect and understanding, that’s what could bond us,
It’s not beyond us, I believe it... I believe it!

And if one day the sun decided to leave,
And the whole world over people started to freeze,
Oh tell me, would every nation then say “Please!,
We’ve got to think as a world united!”


And if nations feel the challenge to go to war,
Let us see the day when they will say “NO MORE!”
Oh let’s accept the greater challenge and explore,
The ways to be a world united!

Oh we could be a world united!


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Many thanks to Vitamin L for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Janimation Music BMI. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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