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Anti-Bullying Songs

Encouraging Kindness and Respect in the Schools

As you know, bullying can take on all forms: Cyber-bullying and emotional bullying, as well as physical abuse. Fortunately, schools are taking on the responsibility of preventing this unacceptable behavior, and explaining its long-term consequences.

You may want to use some of these songs in your anti-bullying school assemblies, or in the classroom. You might even want to have your students add their own lyrics about the dangers and character-diminishing effects of bullying.

The anti-bullying songs on this page are compiled from a variety of different artists and albums. We have grouped them together to help you narrow your search.

Anti-Bullying Songs

Alli the Alligator (Call for Help)–  Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety
Be a Friend – Don’t Be a Bully– Jack Hartmann
Be the Kind of Person– Jim Rule
Brush It Off– Caroline and Danny
Bully Boy Bully Girl- Dan Crow
Bully-Proof Our School- Todd Werner
Bye Bye Bully- Dr. Mac. - Happy Kids' Songs
Don't Be Bossy Todd Werner
Don't Judge Them– Paulette Meier
Don't Tease– Street Smarts
Einstein– I Am Bullyproof Music
Enormously Inconvenient – Dave Kinnoin
Fearless– I Am Bullyproof Music
The Golden Rule (Do Unto Others)– Jim Rule
Got Your Back– I Am Bullyproof Music
Hero(Courage)– Caroline and Danny
I Can Say "NO" When I Want To– Caring and Capable Kids
I’ll Stand Up for Myself- Linda K. Williams
I'm Just A Kid Like You- Dave Kinnoin
It's Not OK - Dave Kinnoin
I’ve Got to Talk to Them– Linda K. Williams
It’s OK To Be Different –  Prue Whoo
Leaper the Frog (Get Away!)  –  Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety
No One Is A Nobody– Caring and Capable Kids
No Room For Hate– Growing Sound
Respect– David Woodward
Respect and Pride– Music with Mar.
Rude Rudy– Cool Kind Kid
Show Kindness Every Day– Jack Hartmann
Stand Up For Your Beliefs– Jennifer Fixman
Step Up, Speak Out!– Vitamin L
Stop Bullying Now– Jack Hartmann
Talking 'bout a Put-Down– Jan Nigro
Take The Bull Out Of Bullying– Growing Sound
Three Billy Goats Gruff– Andrew Queen
Twister (Self-Defense Encouragement)–  Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety
Walk a Mile– Jan Nigro
Walk in my Shoes- Todd Werner
We Make New Arrivals Welcome Here – Songs For Positive Schools
We're All Different and We're the Same – Jack Hartmann
Whatever– I Am Bullyproof Music
What If Everyone Did It Too– Growing Sound
Who's In Charge of Me? -- I Am!- Laszlo Slomovits
Words- Tickle Tune Typhoon


Bully Prevention and Child Safety- Kidini
Character Counts- Todd Werner
CHARACTER COUNTS! Strikes A Chord- Dave Kinnoin
Everyone Is Someone- Growing Sound
Getting Better at Getting Along- Jack Hartmann
Like a Star- Jim Rule
Positive Choices for Youth- Murray & Williams
Self-Esteem Tunes- Prue Whoo
Social Skills & Bullying– Dr. Mac & Friends
Songs to Get Along- Todd Werner
Street Smarts- Caroline and Danny
Tanner's Manners- Cool Kind Kid
Virtuous Tunes - David Woodward
Walk A Mile - Vitamin L

Musical Plays

Bullies Anonymous- Ron Fink & John Heath
Character Matters- Ron Fink & John Heath
Character Matters II- Ron Fink & John Heath
Rock Solid Kids - Laszlo Slomovits

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