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Talking 'bout a Put-Down
Jan Nigro

This song is available on Vitamin L's Everyone's Invited!

How bad can it be? I always hear it on T.V.
Who says it’s not cool? I always hear it at school.
It can’t be so bad, I learned it from my Dad.

There’s some real mean words
That keep going around and around,
And it really hurts when you hear their awful sound.
’Bout your clothes and your nose and your hair,
‘Bout your Mama, oh, it's hard to bear,
How you walk and talk, and where you live in town...
You know I’m talkin’ ‘bout a put-down,
P-P-P Put-down.

Put-down, it’s a contribution,
Put-down, to noise pollution.
I want to fill the air with a healthier sound
Than a p-put-down!

Why do people put each other down at all?
Do we really look bigger
When we make someone else look small?
Maybe you don’t feel so good yourself,
So you take it out on somebody else.
Or maybe just for kicks, you’re kicking someone around...
You know I’m talking ’bout a put-down,
P-P-P Put-Down!


Maybe it’s not bad intentions,
Maybe you talk without thinking things through,
But words have power, you better get hip,
'Cause a slip of the lip can sink a friendship!
A slip of the lip can sink a friendship!

I’m gonna choose my words, gonna choose them carefully.
’Cause what I choose to say about you says a lot about me.
I’m gonna find a better way to express what I need to say,
’Cause I know it's true, a better way can be found,
NO, I don’t need to use a put-down,
P-P-P Put-down!


I want to clear the air; come on let’s clean up this town!
You know, it really isn’t that cool,
Yeah, I don’t have to use put-downs.
The air is getting clearer already!



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Many thanks to Jan Nigro and Vitamin L for permission to publish these lyrics.
© 1991 Jaminination Music BMI. Used with permission.

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