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Be the Kind of Person

Character Education Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jim Rule

This song is available Jim Rule's Like A Star

Life is full of choices all your whole life through.
So let us raise our voices and sing about the thing we all should do.

I'm gonna be the kind of person that I like to be around
I'm gonna be the kind of friend that I'm always glad I found.
I'm gonna think good thoughts, dream good dreams.
It's as simple as it seems.
Be the kind of person that you like to be around

I'm gonna treat other people as I'd like them to treat me....
We're different but we're much the same.
Take my hand. Tell me your name....

You know we share this world together....

I'm gonna listen well. Look both ways.
Do the right thing all my days.

You know I'm having too much fun now...


Hoodly bop! Foodly bop!
High di high di hoo!
Do we? Do we?
Well, yes, we do!

And you can do it, too; near and far.
You can shine just like a star.


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Many thanks to Jim Rule for permission to display these lyrics.
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