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No One Is A Nobody
Song for Teaching About Respect
Linda K. Williams

This song is available on Caring and Capable Kids

To view pages from the Caring and Capable Kids Book, please Click Here.


I'm lovable and capable
and I know that you are, too.
I'm unique; there's only one me.
You're unique; there's only one you. In fact...

No one is a nobody.
Each person's important, you see.
Each one has rights and feelings and dreams;
What happens to you
will change other lives, too.
No one is a nobody.
Each person's important, you see.
Each one I meet as I walk down the street
Is just as special as I am.

Sometimes I don't feel too lovable
Or very capable, either.
Then someone comes along
and shows me that they care.
It reminds me that I do matter after all.
It's true that...


Other times I forget about your rights,
And that you have feelings, too.
And the world doesn't spin for just me,
it's true.
If I care for myself, I'll care for you. Because...

(repeat last line and fade)


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Many thanks to Linda K. Williams for permission to display these lyrics.
© Linda K. Williams. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

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