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If We Care

This song is available on The Best of Gemini Vol. 2.

If we care, and we share, 
then we'll all have enough. 
If we don't, or we won't, 
it'll be tough, 
it'll be rough. 
But if we love one another, 
deep in the heart, 
that's the start. 

The sun shines bright
on all of us, 
And the rains fall down
on all of us 
And the breezes blow
for all of us 
So all of us can learn -
that, if we care... 

The trees give shade
to all of us 
And the birds sing songs
for all of us 
And the flowers bloom
for all of us 
So all of us can learn -
that, if we care...

if we care - Extend right hand out, palms up. 
and we share -
 Extend left hand out, palms up.
then we'll all - 
Sweep both hands outwards from in front of you. 
have enough - 
Bring both hands close to your chest, right hand resting palms up in left hand. 
if we don't - 
With right hand make a sharp, cutting, downward motion.
or we won't - 
Same motion with left hand. 
it'll be tough - 
Raise left fist as if making a muscle, and grab the left forearm with right hand. 
it'll be rough - 
Same motion on the other side. 
but if we love - 
Cross your arms in front of you, hugging yourself. 
one another - 
Sweep both hands outwards from in front of you. 
deep in the heart - 
With the index fingers of both hands trace the shape of a heart on your chest. 
that's the start -
 Clap hands in prayer position and "burst" them upwards, and out in a circle. 
the sun shines bright - 
Move both arms, with hands "twinkling" in a wide arc above your head, outwards and down. 
on all of us -
 Sweep both hands outwards from in front of you. 
and the rains fall down - 
"Twinkle" the fingers of both hands, while moving hands downwards. 
and the breezes blow - 
Sweep and wave both hands, side to side in front of you. 
so all of us can learn - 
With right hand, touch right temple of head, then place right hand over heart. 
the trees give shade - 
Put your left hand up in a waving gesture, and put your right hand under your left elbow 
and the birds sing songs - 
Place the index finger and thumb in front of your mouth, representing the bill; flap the arms in wing-like motion. 
and the flowers bloom - 
Make the shape of a cup with your left hand, and push the fingers of your right hand up and through.


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Many thanks to Gemini for permission to display these lyrics.
© Laszlo Slomovits. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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