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Stuff is Not Enough
Words and Music by Karen Rupprecht

This song is available on Karen Rupprecht and Pam Minor's 
Songs that Build Character & Values

Stuff is not enough 
No stuff is not enough 
Things are not important 
They're just alot of fluff
It's what you've got inside you 
That helps when things are tough 
So don't envy others for all that outside stuff

Just because she wears classy shoes and a cool sweater 
It doesn't mean she's smarter or one bit better 
Just because she has a huge house and super car 
It doesn't make her any happier than you are


Just because he has an important well-known name 
It doesn't mean he plays any better in a game 
Just because he has tons of money to spend 
His money isn't worth as much as a friend



Suggested Activities

      A. What’s REALLY important? Pick your top ten, and write them next to the number.
            1. Clothes 
            2. Pets
            3. School
            4. Family
            5. Friends
            6. Jewelry
            7. Faith 
            8. Television
            9. Sports
            10. Toys and games
      Discuss your ten choices.

      B. Look up the definition of the word “envy” in the dictionary. Write a brief story about something you envy and why you want it.

      C. Give Away Some of Your "Stuff!" 
          Decorate a medium size paper bag with handles by gluing bits of torn colored tissue paper to the outside. Cover as much of the surface of the bag as possible. 
          Now for the hard part! Chose some “stuff” you don’t really need, but is still in good condition, put it in the decorated bag and give it to a charity.

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Many thanks to Karen Rupprecht for permission to display these lyrics.
© Karen Rupprecht. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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