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Martin and Robby

Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Paulette Meier

This song is available on Paulette Meier's
Come Join the Circle: LessonSongs for Peacemaking

Martin and Robby at recess,
Got into a fight.
Been best friends for a long, long time
Both knew it wasn't right.

Martin called Robby a sissy
When he fell down and started to cry.
Robby got up and swung his fist
and hit him right smack in the eye.

I wonder why girls can cry.
But boys have to stuff it.
My little brother still cries,
but he doesn't have to be a man yet.
When he hurts he cries and gets over it.
When he hurts he cries and gets over it.

Robby and Martin in trouble.
Principal's asking them why.
Martin says Robby started it first,
Robby says, "That's a big fat lie."

Martin admits he called Robby a name.
It slipped out, he doesn't know why.
His dad tells him: "Don't be like a girl"
Whenever he starts to cry.


Martin and Robby, friends again;
Apologized and talked it out.
Robby tells Martin "Maybe cryin's not bad,
and that's how you get the pain out."

Martin says to Robby, "Let's make a pledge,
If you cry around me, it's ok.
Robby agrees and tells Martin the same,
"And if anyone asks, we'll say:"

Chorus (new version):
Maybe not just girls can cry.
Maybe boys don't have to stuff it.
Our little brothers still cry.
'Cause they're not done being human yet.

When they hurt, they cry and get over it.
When we hurt, we'll cry and get over it.
When we hurt, we'll cry and get over it.


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Many thanks to Paulette Meier for permission to display these lyrics.
© 1999 Paulette Meier. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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