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Moses Goes To A Concert
Inspired by the book Moses Goes to a Concert by Isaac Millman
Song by Sam Jones

This song is available on Sam Jones' Songs About Popular Children’s Books, Vol 1.


(to the tune of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”)

Moses liked to play his new drum
Pounding out the beat
He could listen to vibrations with his hands and feet
He was deaf in both his ears
And he could do signs
Mr. Samuels, his teacher had a big surprise

They were going fast on a bus with the class
To a concert for young kids
When they got there they saw a lady onstage
With lots of instruments

She had an orchestra behind her all across the stage
She had percussion instruments she was going to play
The kids didn’t know she was deaf too
Until they saw her feet
She was onstage with no shoes
So she could feel the beat

Then Mr. Samuels gave the kids some beautiful balloons
So they could feel the vibrations of those beautiful tunes
Then Moses learned that you can be
Whatever you want to be
When you set your mind to it
And do it cheerfully
And do it cheerfully

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Many thanks to Sam Jones for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Sam Jones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Moses Goes to a Concert © Isaac Millman. All rights reserved.


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