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I Can Problem-Solve
Teaching Children to Think Before They Act!
Todd Werner

This song is available on Todd Werner's Character Counts.

When things don’t turn out right
And I don’t know what to do
That’s when I got a problem
I’m sure it happens to you

I need to stop right there and think
Think of all the things I can do
I can pick a solution
That’s good for me and you
I want to be fair too

I can Problem solve
Yes I know I can
I can listen too
Because I respect you
Yes I do

I don’t need to be always right
Yea, believe it or not I’m not
I even make a mistake sometimes
Well I guess a lot

There’s one thing for sure I know
I want to stay out of trouble's way
‘Cause when I’m making good decisions
I make a better day
I want a better day


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Many thanks to Todd Werner for permission to display these lyrics.
© Songs for the Soul Records. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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