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What Should I Do?
Song for Teaching About Ethical Decision Making
Linda K. Williams

This song is available on Caring and Capable Kids

To view pages from the Caring and Capable Kids Book, please Click Here.


What should I do? Oh, what should I do?
There are so many choices, and consequences, too!
What to do with my money, how to spend my time,
who to choose as my friends---oh, which choice should be mine?

I had so many decisions,
I didn't know how I could cope;
Then I learned some steps that cleared my head
and really gave me some hope.

So every problem that's bugging me,
I'll tackle it "1-2-3"---
I'll have some others think it through with me;
two heads can be better than one, you see!

(spoken) 1ST STEP: OPTIONS!

Well, what is the problem and what are my options?
Brainstorming gives me "umpteen" possible solutions!
---Got to step back, look at it inside-outside-upside-down!
People with experience can help take away my frown.

(spoken) 2ND STEP: WHAT IF'S!

For each possible solution that I'd seriously consider,
I'll picture in my mind what would happen if I did it;
What are all the pro's and con's of the options I have found?
If the list's a long one, I might even write it down!

(spoken) 3RD STEP: ACTION!

After lots of careful thinking, now I'm ready to make a choice.
The responsibility's scary, but I'm glad I had a voice.
So, with everything considered, I will choose the "best" solution,
hope I've chosen wisely, and then put it into motion.

So, now...I know what to do, yes, I know what to do,
though there are so many choices, and consequences, too.
And now I know how to think it through.
I might make a mistake or two, but that's okay; the best of us do.
And now that I've decided what to do, I feel a lot better!


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Many thanks to Linda K. Williams for permission to display these lyrics.
© Linda K. Williams. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

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