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Count to Ten!

Character Education Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jim Rule

This song is available Jim Rule's Like A Star

Gather round, you gals and guys.
Here's a little word to the wise.

When you get angry 
When you get mad
Before you do or say something 
You’ll wish you never had
and make us sad

Learn this song. It’s good for you 
And me and Mom and Dad.
Don’t do something bad! 
Just count to ten!

Count to ten!
Count to ten!
When you want to scream and shout
Break and throw your things about
Then without a doubt Gotta count to ten!

Count to ten! (Say it again!)
Count to ten! Remember 
When you start to lose your cool
Remember you're nobody’s fool.
Think the Golden Rule! 
Gotta count to ten.

When you want to blow your top
And you can’t stop squirmin’,
Count to ten in German.
1 eins 2 zwei…
Very good - sehr gut
Many thanks - vielen Dank

When you want to shout 
about a monkey wrench
Count to ten in French
1 un 2 deux…
Very good - tres bien
Thanks a lot -- merci beaucoups

When you’re not a happy camper, 
and I mean Really!
Count to ten in Swahili
1 Moja 2 Mbili…
Good/Fine - Nzuri 
Thank you (very much) - Asante (sana)

When you want to have a fit 
and stomp like a stallion
Count to ten in Italian
1 uno 2 due… 
molto bene - very good 
mille grazie - a thousand thanks

When your mood is darker 
than the coffee we brew
Count to ten in Hebrew.
1 echahd 2 shtayim…
tov m'od - very good 
todah rahbah - thanks a lot

When you’re burning up. Don’t be a flash in the pan.
Count to ten the way they do in Japan
1 ichi 2 ni…
Yoku dekimashta - You all did well. 
Doumo arigatou - Thank you very much.

2, 4, 6, 8, 10! 
If it didn't do the trick yet try it again!

Count to ten!
Count to ten!
Don’t you worry. Don’t you fret….

So, no matter where or when
Girls to women, boys to men…



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Many thanks to Jim Rule for permission to display these lyrics.
© Jim Rule. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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