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Native American Songs
Music Lyrics and Song Samples

These Native American songs are available from a variety of albums:

Native American History and Culture
      Chief Black Hawk and Bishop Kerns– Kathleen Wiley
      The Earth Is Our Mother– Traditional Native American Song/Gemini
      First Americans, and So Proud– Learning by Song
      The First Thanksgiving– Learning by Song
      Hey, Hey, Watanay– Traditional Ojibwa Native American Lullaby
      Indian Summer Song– Barbara Klaskin Silberg - The W.L.A. Children's Choir
      Native Americans– Josh Ledbetter
      Native American Counting Song– Music Movement & Magination
      Pocahontas– Jonathan Sprout
      Sacajawea– Kathleen Wiley
      Squanto– Kathleen Wiley
      They Dance for Rain and Rainbows– Sam Jones
      Tsa-La-Gi (Cherokee)– Judy Leonard
      We Circle Around– Arapaho Native American Song
      Wee Hee Nah– Traditional Native American Song
      Ya Ha Haway– Traditional Native American Song


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