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Song For Teaching American History - Lyrics and Sound Clip
Kathleen Wiley

This song is available on Kathleen Wiley's The American Dream


So, what do you know about Squanto????
The Pilgrims' greatest friend....
If you listen we'll show
How important to know..
That all works out in the end.

Now , Squanto was a Pawtuxet
And he loved his mama dear....
She was worried that he'd
Go off to sea
And never come back here.

But Squanto love the ocean
And he had curiosity
For the bearded men and when ships came in
He'd watch from behind a tree.

But poor Squanto was kidnapped
It was like his mama feared
Captain George Weymouth
Took him to England

And he stayed 8 years.
While Squanto was in England
He learn to speak English well
But it wasn't his own
And he longed for home
Where he could safely dwell.

So when John Smith met Squanto
Squanto said "Please take me home."
"Sure I will" said he
"And then you'll see
You'll never more need to roam."

But can you guess what happened??
Squanto was kidnapped again!!!!
And so off he went...
And to Spain was sent
But luck found him a friend.

Yes, fortune smiled on Squanto
Spanish monks soon got him free
He went back to England and in 1619
He left to sail the sea!!!

But when he came to America
After 13 years away
He found he had no mom, no home
And nowhere he could stay.

But great Chief Massasoit was
Most willing to be a friend
He gave him a home so he wouldn't be alone
And that 's where we came in.

We showed up here in November
Spent the winter on the ship
But when springtime came
It brought the rain
So crops could start to come in.

Imagine our surprise when
Samoset showed up and said
"You must have no fear
Just wait right here
I'll get my friend instead."

Then Squanto showed us farming...
How to harvest and reap and sow
All summer and fall
And with it all
He stayed to watch us grow.

But then the very next winter
Squanto sickened and he died
He lived long enough
To smooth the rough
And give to us some pride.

Had Squanto never been there
All the colonists might have died
So we owe him a debt
That we haven't paid yet
‘Cause he why we survived.

So where'd we be without Squanto?
Why it's plain as plain can be
Without Squanto we'd be somewhere else
On another family tree....



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Many thanks to Kathleen Wiley for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Funtime Learning, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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