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Columbus Day Songs

Songs to celebrate Christopher Columbus' Discovery of the New World
Columbus Day is observed on the second Monday of October

Celebrate Columbus Day!
We have songs you need songs for teaching about Christopher Columbus or his explorations and adventures, you'll find a varied selection below. These Columbus Day Songs are for children of all ages... and many will also appeal to grown-ups.

These Columbus Day Songs and Lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

Age of Exploration– Learning by Song
A Brand New World – Ben Stiefel
A Shorter Way To the Indies – Ben Stiefel
Christopher Columbus - Kathleen Wiley
Christopher Columbus - Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
Columbus - Intelli-tunes
Columbus Revisited - Two of a Kind
Founding of America– MindMuzic
Let's Celebrate Columbus Day – Ben Stiefel
The Nina, The Pinta, The Santa Maria – Ben Stiefel

Songs about Native American History & Culture
      Chief Black Hawk and Bishop Kerns – Kathleen Wiley
      The Earth Is Our Mother – Traditional Native American Song/Gemini
      First Americans, and So Proud – Learning by Song 
      The First Thanksgiving – Learning by Song 
      Hey, Hey, Watanay – Traditional Ojibwa Native American Lullaby
      Indian Summer Song – Barbara Klaskin Silberg - The W.L.A. Children's Choir
      Native Americans – Josh Ledbetter
      Native American Counting Song – Music Movement & Magination
      Pocahontas – Jonathan Sprout
      Sacajawea – Kathleen Wiley
      Squanto – Kathleen Wiley
      They Dance for Rain and Rainbows – Sam Jones 
      Tsa-La-Gi (Cherokee) – Judy Leonard 
      We Circle Around – Arapaho Native American Song
      Wee Hee Nah – Traditional Native American Song 
      Ya Ha Haway – Traditional Native American Song

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