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Songs About African-American/Black
History Month

Black History Month is observed during the month of February
African American HIstory

These songs for Black History Month are available from a variety of albums.

A World United– Vitamin L
African Songalongs– Diana Colson
Agitate (Frederick Douglass)– Jonathan Sprout
Aren't I A Woman (Sojourner Truth)– Jonathan Sprout
Asikatali/Children of Aftrica– Traditional
Che Che Kooley– Traditional by Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Follow the Drinking Gourd
Free At Last– Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
Freedom Riders Got to Ride– Vitamin L
Get on Board, Little Children
Heads, Hearts and Hands (Mary McLeod Bethune)– Jonathan Sprout
I Have a Dream - A Musical Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Craig A. Thompson
I Have a Dream / This is Our Moment– Barbara Klaskin Silberg
I'm On My Way
Kye Kye Kule– Traditional by Tickle Tune Typhoon
Kumbayah, My Lord– Traditional
Martin– Jonathan Sprout
Dr. Martin Luther King– Learning by Song
Martin is Calling– Vitamin L
Martin Luther King Jr.– Sharon Luanne Rivera
Martin's Heart– Vitamin L
Rise Up: Martin Luther King Day
Jack Hartmann
Rosa Parks– Andy Glockenspiel
Rosa Rosa, Roll On!– Marla Lewis
Stand Up for Your Beliefs
Jennifer Fixman
Step Up, Speak Out!– Vitamin L
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Take A Ride (Harriet Tubman)– Jonathan Sprout
A Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.– Mary Miche
We Have A Dream – Hap Palmer  
We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands

Social Studies Musical Plays
13 Colonies Bad Wolf Press
American Revolution: 1763 - 1789 Bad Wolf Press
Gold Dust or Bust
Bad Wolf Press
U.S. Geography Bad Wolf Press

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African American HIstory
Dr. Martin Luther King Day

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