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Aren't I A Woman

Teaching the History of Sojourner Truth
Jonathan Sprout

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SOJOURNER TRUTH (1797?-1883) suffered through slavery until the age of 30. A spellbinding preacher with a beautiful, powerful singing voice, she became the first black< woman to travel across America denouncing slavery. She was a simple, honest and deeply religious activist who stood for freedom and women’s rights. Her poise, selfconfidence and fiery passion made her into an early national symbol for strong black women.

“I have as much muscle as any man and I can do as much work as any man... And aren’t I a woman?” - Sojourner Truth

Born into slavery in NY State.
Her parents couldn’t save her from cruelty and hate.
She prayed for mercy, and eventually
They passed a law and set her free.

Fiery abolitionist as hot as burning coals,
Worked in the city saving sinners’ souls.
Helping the homeless women, taught them how to pray,
Giving them the strength to say --

REFRAIN: Aren’t I a woman!
I’ve worked as hard as any man.
Aren’t I a woman!
I can do anything you can.
Aren’t I a woman!
The truth is, I know a thing or two.
Aren’t I a woman!
I deserve my rights the same as you.

She traveled through the country sounding out the call.
There was passion in her presence and power in it all.
Singing out for freedom in her animated way,
Not afraid to stand and say --


When slaves and women had no choice
‘Cause white men owned the voting booth.
This tall strong preacher raised her voice
To tell the world Sojourner’s Truth.



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