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Songs About African-American / Black History

Black History Month is observed during the month of February
African American History

These songs for Black History Month are available from a variety of albums.

A World United– Vitamin L
Adrinka Adrinka! Count With Me! – Culture Queen
African Songalongs – Diana Colson
Agitate (Frederick Douglass) – Jonathan Sprout
Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around – Traditional
Aren't I A Woman (Sojourner Truth) – Jonathan Sprout
Asikatali/Children of Aftrica – Traditional
Che Che Kooley – Traditional by Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Civil Rights Movement– MindMuzic
Civil War– MindMuzic
Do You Want To Be Free? – Two of a Kind
Follow the Drinking Gourd
Free At Last – Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
Freedom Riders Got to Ride – Vitamin L
Get on Board, Little Children
Here Come Our Mothers– Daria
Heads, Hearts and Hands (Mary McLeod Bethune)– Jonathan Sprout
I Am the Future of Black History – Culture Queen
I Have a Dream / This is Our Moment – Barbara Klaskin Silberg
I Have a Dream – Daria
I Just Want To Sing Your Name - The Martin Luther King Song – Two of a Kind
I Live and Breathe for Freedom: Harriett Tubman's Song – Marla Lewis
I Love My History – Culture Queen
I'm A Tower of Royal Power – Culture Queen
I'm On My Way – Bill Harley
Kemet – Cutlure Queen
Kye Kye Kule – Traditional by Tickle Tune Typhoon
Kumbayah, My Lord – Traditional
Lift Every Voice and Sing – Culture Queen
Martin – Jonathan Sprout
Dr. Martin Luther King – Learning by Song
Martin is Calling – Vitamin L
Martin Luther King Jr. – Sharon Luanne Rivera
Martin's Heart – Vitamin L
Oh, Freedom – Traditional
Paul Robeson – Two of a Kind (written by Kevin Slick)
Rise Up: Martin Luther King Day – Jack Hartmann
Rosa Parks – Andy Glockenspiel
Rosa Rosa, Roll On! – Marla Lewis
Sharing A Dream – Craig A. Thompson
Slavery– MindMuzic
Stand Up for Your Beliefs – Jennifer Fixman
Step Up, Speak Out! – Vitamin L
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Take A Ride (Harriet Tubman) – Jonathan Sprout
A Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. – Mary Miche
We Have A Dream  – Hap Palmer  
We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands
What Can One Little Person Do? Two of a Kind (written by Sally Rogers)

Social Studies Musical Plays
13 Colonies- Bad Wolf Press
American Revolution- Bad Wolf Press
American Symbols- Bad Wolf Press
European Explorers in the New World- Bad Wolf Press
Gold Dust or Bust- Bad Wolf Press
Government & Citizenship: How Democracy Came to the Beehive- Bad Wolf Press
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Bad Wolf Press
The Story of America: A Classroom Musical - Lauren Mayer
U.S. Constitution: A Reality Show- Bad Wolf Press
U.S. Geography- Bad Wolf Press
U.S. Presidents- Bad Wolf Press

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