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Martin's Heart
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jan Nigro

This song is available on Vitamin L's

Sing For Dr. King! Vitamin L Songs For a Beloved Community

When Dr. King was just a boy he learned about black and white,
And about the laws that took away black people’s civil rights.
He fought for what he knew to be fair and great truth flowed from him.
He said, “We should be judged by our character, not the color of our skin.”

The right to vote was guaranteed to everyone in the nation,
But there were folks who were trying to stop black voter registration.
To Selma Martin went to march and thousands did arrive,
This is what lead to the Voting Rights Act of 1965!

He had a heart so big, it covered the land,
It covered every child, woman and man,
His legs kept a walkin,’
His voice kept a talkin,’
Because he had a heart so big!

Martin’s heart went out to the poor so he questioned the government,
“Why is so much money going to the war, but on poverty so little is spent?”
He would not silence what he felt; he spoke out fearlessly.
He said, “Fighting this war is a waste and a shame.
Let’s fight the war on poverty!”


Most people know that Martin died in Memphis Tennessee.
Not everybody knows why he was there.
Helping sanitation workers get a living wage and their rights,
Right up to the end he was fighting the good fight!

CHORUS, then:
His legs kept a walkin,’
His voice kept a talkin,’
Because he had a heart so big!



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Many thanks to Vitamin L for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Janimation Music BMI. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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