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Martin Luther King Jr.

Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Sharon Luanne Rivera


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Martin Luther King Jr. Song Lyrics: (The Rap Lyrics are below.)

"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out its creed:
We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal."

(Verse 1)
Martin Luther King Junior, Civil Right's Movement Leader.
Born in Atlanta, Georgia, nineteen-hundred and twenty nine.
Attended Morehouse College when he was grown.
There he chose to enter the ministry.
Learned of Gandhi's peaceful philosophy.
Rosa Parks was arrested on a public bus.
'Cause she wouldn't give he seat up to a white man.
So Martin Luther King led a boycott of the transit system.
His boycott was successful, in desegregating the busses.
But Martin's house was blown up and threats were made to his family.
Martin Luther King Junior.

"I have a dream that one day my four little children will live in a nation
where they won't be judged by the color of their skin,
but by the content of their character."
Martin Luther King Junior.

(Verse 2)
Martin Luther King Junior, led a march that was peaceful,
in Washington, DC, nineteen-hundred and sixty three.
From the Monument to the Lincoln Memorial.
Two-hundred, thousand protesters heard him say, "I have a dream."
His non-violent actions led to the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Martin Luther King Junior.
The act made it illegal to discriminate against black people
In any publicly owned facility.
Martin Luther King Junior.
For his amazing deeds
Martin received the Nobel Peace Prize for helping all have rights.
Martin Luther King Junior.

(Verse 3)
Martin Led a march for black voting rights,
Nineteen-hundred, and sixtyfive.
Martin continued in his life to stop the wrong and make it right,
Until his untimely death, shot in Memphis in 1968 on April 4th.
He lived his life to bring fairness in the world.
Martin Luther King Junior.
Martin Luther King Junior.
Martin Luther King Junior.

(During last verse spoken)
I have dream, I have a dream, Free at last, free at last, I ...

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Martin Luther King Jr. Rap Lyrics:

Yo, yo, here we go.
Martin Luther King Junior
was the Civil Rights leader.
1929, he was born
in Atlanta, Georgia.
He grew up, went into ministry,
learned of Gandhi's philosophy.
He led peaceful demonstrations,
to bring an end to discrimination,
to bring an end to discrimination.

(clap & snap two times)

Martin Luther King said, "I have a dream"
that this nation will live out its creed.
Like it says in the preamble,
all men are created equal,
all men are created equal.

(clap & snap two times)

Martin said that it's not right
for blacks to be treated worse than whites.
Lived his life to bring fairness in the world,
assassinated on April 4th,
assassinated on April 4th.

(clap & snap two times)

Yo, yo, Martin Luther.
Yo, yo, King Junior.

(clap & snap two times)

Martin Luther, King Junior.

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Many thanks to Sharon Luanne Rivera for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Sharon Luanne Rivera. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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