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February Theme Unit

February song suggestions for a classroom theme unit.

The songs on this page are compiled from a variety of different artists and albums. We have grouped them together to help you narrow your search.

The February songs on this page teach about weather, winter activities, Black History Month, Presidents Day, Groundhog's Day, and Valentine's Day.

The 43 Presidents Song – Tim Pacific
Abe Lincoln – Sharon Luanne Rivera
Abraham – Sam Jones
Abraham Lincoln – Kathleen Wiley 
Be My Valentine – Jack Hartmann
Catchin' Snowflakes – Listen and Learn
Clackin' On the Ice – Listen and Learn
Do You Know The Presidents?– Kiboomu Music 
February – Listen and Learn
Five Valentines – Music with Mar. 
Five Valentines – Karen Rupprecht & Pam Minor
George Washington – Andrew C. Germain
Groundhog Day Song – Marla Lewis and Les Julian
Heads or Tails – Gary Rosen
Honest Abe – Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
I'm A Little Groundhog – Kiboomu Music
John F. Kennedy – Sharon Luanne Rivera
Punxsutawney Phil – Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
Rosa Parks – Andy Glockenspiel
Rosa Rosa, Roll On! – Marla Lewis
Skating – Shari and Jerry
Snowflakes In My Ear – Mary Miché
Snowy Day – Listen and Learn
Stand Up for Your Beliefs – Jennifer Fixman
V-a-l-e-n-t-i-n-e – Ron Brown
Valentine, Valentine – Denise Gagne 
Valentine: A Singing Card – Marla Lewis
Valentine's Day Party Dance – Jack Hartmann
Valentine's Song – Hap Palmer
Washington – Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
We Salute the Presidents – Barbara Speicher
Where’s the Groundhog? – Mark Szabo
Who Will Be My Valentine? – Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
Winter Sleigh Ride – Karen Rupprecht & Pam Minor

February also has these Month Long Observances:

American Heart Month
  See our songs about teaching Healthy Habits

American History Month
  See our Social Studies songs

Black History Month
  See our African-American History songs

Children's Dental Health Month
  See our songs about Healthy Teeth & Gums

International Friendship Month
  See our Friendship songs

National Cherry and Grapefruit Month
  See our Fruit songs

Responsible Pet Owners' Month
  See our Pet songs

Holidays for the Month of February

February 2nd - Groundhog Day
  See our Groundhog Day songs

February 3rd - National Carrot Day
  See our Vegetable songs

February 4th - Rosa Park's Birthday
  See our Biographical songs

February 5th - National Weatherperson's Day
  See our Weather & Meterology songs

February 11th - National Inventor's Day
  See our songs about Inventors

February 12th - Abraham Lincoln's Birthday
  See our U.S. Presidents songs

February 14th - Saint Valentine's Day
  See our Valentine's Day songs

February 15th - National Flag Day in Canada
  See our Canadian songs

February 17th - Random Acts of Kindness Day
  See our Character Development songs

February 20th
- Family Day
  See our Family songs
- President's Day
  See our U.S. Presidents songs

February 21st - Love Your Pet Day
  See our Pet songs

February 22nd - George Washington's Birthday
  See our U.S. Presidents songs

February 29th - Leap Day
  See our Calendar songs

Musical Plays
13 Colonies  – Bad Wolf Press
American Revolution  – Bad Wolf Press
American Symbols – Bad Wolf Press
Government & Citizenship: How Democracy Came to the Beehive – Bad Wolf Press
The Story of America – Curriculum Rocks
U. S. Constitution – Bad Wolf Press
U. S. Presidents – Bad Wolf Press

All Year - Intelli-tunes 
Months - Listen & Learn
Months of Music- Karen Rupprecht & Pam Minor 
Rhythms & Rhymes for Special Times - Jack Hartmann
Sing a Song of Holidays – Dr. Thomas Moore 


See more songs for Theme Units, Groundhog Day, Black History Month, Valentine's Day, Calendar & Seasons and President's Day.

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