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Canadian Social Studies Songs
Songs About Canada's History, Prime Ministers,
Geography, and Way of Life

These Canadian songs are available from a variety of albums:

The Provinces and Territories of Canada
         The Canadian Province Chant for Children– Mr. I
         The Canadian Province Rap– Joe Crone

Songs About Canada and Canadian History

         Canada in My Pocket– Michael Mitchell
         Cariboo Gold Rush– Shawna Audet
         Confederation Canada– Shawna Audet
         Fly High– Michael Mitchell
         Foolish Frobisher– Shawna Audet
         A Great and Beautiful Country– Gary Huntbatch
         Groseilliers and Radisson– Shawna Audet
         Henry Hudson's Last Letter– Shawna Audet
         In Canada– Mr. I
         Lower Canada Rebellion Rap– Shawna Audet
         Mac the Lumberjack– Fred Gee
         Maple Sugar Time– Michael Mitchell
         Sing a Song of Canada– Kim Soleski Ward
         Tom Sukanen's Dream– Shawna Audet
         Upper Canada Rebellion– Shawna Audet
         Water– Michael Mitchell

Traditional Canadian Songs
In English
                  Cape Cod Shanty– Mr. I
                  Cariboo Road– Mr. I
                  Farewell Nova Scotia– Michael Mitchell
                  I's the B'y– Andrew Queen
                  I'se the B'y– Michael Mitchell
                  Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor– Michael Mitchell
                  Land of the Silver Birch– Mr. I
                  Little Old Sod Shanty– Michael Mitchell  
                  O Canada!– Traditional       
                  Red River Cart Song– Michael Mitchell
In French
                  Au chante de l'Alouette– Michael Mitchell
                  O Canada– Traditional
                  Un Canadien Errant– Michael Mitchell
                  V'la l'Bon Vent– Michael Mitchell

Prime Ministers of Canada and Canadian History
         First Among Equals– Kim Soleski Ward
         Prime Ministers Are People Too– Shawna Audet

Animals Native to Canada
         My Dewlap (Moose Song)– Kim Soleski Ward
         The Puffin Party– Kim Soleski Ward

See also:
         Canadian Folk Music– Compiled by Michael Mitchell
         The Maple Leaf Forever, The York Boat Brigade, Feller From Fortune,
         Bound Down for Newfoundland, Rolling Down to Old Maui, Star of
         Logy Bay, Squid-Jiggin Ground, The Ryans and the Pittmans, and
         The Greenland Whale Fisheries

         Folk Music and Folk Life in Canada– A Musical Essay
         by Michael Mitchell
         The Bluenose, Log Driver's Waltz,
         The Island (Now the official song of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia),
         and the Canadian adaptation of Woody Guthrie's
         "This Land is Your Land."


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