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Maple Sugar Time
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Performed by Michael Mitchell

This song is available on Michael Mitchell's Canada is for Kids: Volume 2.

 Michael wrote this about a favourite Eastern Canadian pastime -- gathering up the maple syrup and having fun at a traditional cabane à sucre.

There's a special time of year
When spring is drawing near
And winter's frosty grip begins to ease
Hitch the horses, grab the pails
Snowshoe down the forest trails
It's time to tap into the maple trees

Maple sugar, maple candy
Maple syrup is just dandy
You'll get as much on you
As down your neck, but what the heck!
Nothing's neater, nothing's sweeter
Shove it in your mouth and eat er
Hey! It's maple sugar time
In old Quebec

Mother Nature's golden sap
See it trickle through the tap
Put some on a stick
And swirl it in the snow
More than honey made by bees
That stuff from maple trees
The sweetest thing your tongue
Will ever know

It's time to promener
When your nez is tres geleé
Though your tête is snug and warm Inside your toqué
Now strap on les raquettes
Manger une bonne baguette
And race back to the warm
Cabane a sucre

As the people from the town
And the guests all gather round
The fiddle and piano strike a song
Then we'll dance and we'll sing
And we'll make the rafters ring
As the fun and friendship
Carries us along

Now you really ought to go
If you ever want to know
What La Belle Province
Is really all about
Come out and share good cheer
With friends from far and near
It¹s where the sweetest people
All hang out



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Many thanks to Michael Mitchell for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Michael Mitchell. All rights reserved.

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