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Wee Hee Nah
Native American Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Performed by Two of a Kind


Note: This is a children's "duck-catching" game, possibly of Lakota origin. The lyrics are vocables, vocal sounds without specific meanings that can be translated.

The game (adapted by David Heitler-Klevans): Two children (the "duck catchers") make a bridge with their hands outstretched high in front. The rest of the children (the ducks) make a circle, facing clockwise. As they sing, the children in the circle walk under the bridge. On the last measure, the children making the bridge drop their hands to catch the "duck" that happens to be in that spot at this point in the song. The caught "duck" takes the place of one of the "duck catchers" and the game is repeated. The next caught "duck" takes the place of the other "duck cathers", and so on. The similarity of this game to "London Bridge" can be pointed out.


Wee hee nah wee hee nah hee nah
Wee hee nah hee nah

Wee hee nah
Wee hee nah hee nah
Wee hee nah hee nah

Hey ho!

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