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Number Chants and Counting Songs
Teaching Early Mathematics Skills,
Shapes, Money and Telling Time

A selection of songs and lyrics from a variety of different albums teaching how to count, recognize shapes, use the concept of zero, use units of measurement and money.

Early Number Concepts
   Adding One/Subtracting One
      Add 1 More– "Miss Jenny"
      Five Green and Speckled Frogs– Kiboomu Music
      Five Green and Speckled Frogs– Songs for Teachers
      Five Little Mice– Liz Buchanan
      One Less Penny Blues– Music, Movement & Magination
      One More, One Less– Hap Palmer
      One More Please– Music, Movement & Magination
      Take Away Ones– Michael Hradek
      Ten in the Bed– Jim Rule
      Ten in the Bed– Kiboomu Music
   Compare and Contrast
      Ant Comparisons– "Miss Jenny"
      Let's Compare Numbers– Music with Mar.
   Counting to 5
      Five Alive– Michael Hradek
      Five Cute, Roly-poly Puppies– Music with Mar.
      Five Fingers– Music with Mar.
      Five Little Snowmen– With Extension Activities from Stephanie Burton
      Five Little Seashells– An Addition and Subtraction Fingerplay
      Handful of Fingers – Ron Brown
      Lady Bug Rap– Music with Mar.
      Lions– Music with Mar.
      The Number March– Hap Palmer
   Counting to 10
      Chicken Count– Jack Hartmann
      Come to Twelve– Michael Hradek
      Counting With My Friends– Music, Movement & Magination
      Count to Ten– Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
      Count Up Count Down– Hap Palmer
      Dancer in the Middle– Colleen & Uncle Squaty
      I Can Count Almost Anything– Jack Hartman
      I Can Count to Ten– Music with Mar.
      Jump for Numbers 0-10– Ron Brown
      Number Express– Mrs. Debbie Music
      Numbers In A Circle (10)– Colleen and Uncle Squaty
      Numbers On My Mind– Ken Whiteley
      One, Two, Three, Four, Five– Kiboomu Music
      The Quietest Line– "Miss Jenny"
      Show Me 10– Ron Brown
      Stomp For Each Number– Music with Mar.
      Ten and Back– Listen and Learn
      Ten Little Chipmunks– Songs For Teachers
      Ten Little Pencils– Listen & Learn
      Ten Little Skeletons– Steve Blunt
      Ten Puppies (Diez Perritos)– Jim Rule
      10 Silly Monkeys– Jack Hartmann
      Ten Twinkling Trees– Listen and Learn
   Counting to 20
      A Counting We Will Go– Music, Movement & Magination
      Boom Boom, Count to Twenty– Listen and Learn
      Counting 1 to 20– Jack Hartmann
      Count and Work Out to 20– Jack Hartmann
      Making 11 Through 20– "Miss Jenny"
      Naming Numbers– Hap Palmer
      Native American Counting Song– Music, Movement & Magination
      Teens to Twenty– Music with Mar.
   Counting to 50
      The Counting Creatures– Ron Brown
      Rockin' To 50– Music, Movement & Magination
   Counting to 100 & Beyond
      Big Numbers (Counting by 100's)– Jack Hartmann
      Buford & Bessie Count to 100– Music, Movement & Magination
      Counting On– "Miss Jenny"
      Counting to One Hundred– Mary Flynn
      Let's Get Fit (Counting to 100 by 1's)– Jack Hartmann
      Double It Up– We Love Math with Miss Jenny
      Doubles Facts– Hap Palmer
      Doubles? No Trouble! (Addition of Doubles)Music, Movement & Magination
      Merry Carry– Michael Hradek
      Switcheroo (Cummative Property)– Hap Palmer
      When the Box is in the Front– Kathleen Wiley
      When You're Adding Boxes– Kathleen Wiley
   Fact Families
      Fact Family– Music with Mar.
      Family Fact– Michael Hradek
      Five Ate Thirteen– Hap Palmer
      The Five, Seven, Twelve Family– Hap Palmer
   Begining Fractions
      A Fraction is Part of a Whole– We Love Math with Miss Jenny
      Alligator Fractions– We Love Math with Miss Jenny
   Greater Than / Less Than
      Alligator Greater Than / Less Than– We Love Math with Miss Jenny
      Let's Compare Numbers– Music With Mar.
      Mr. Alligator Can Chomp– Jack Hartmann
      Cowboy Logic - Cause and Effect: If...Then – MMMKids
   Concepts of Patterns & Sorting
      Block Party–Music, Movement & Magination
      Finish the Patterns– Music with Mar.
      Hand Clap Rap– Jack Hartmann
      Number in the Middle– Jack Hartmann
      It's Pattern Time– We Love Math with Miss Jenny
      Old MacDonald Had a Farm– With Extension Activities from Stephanie Burton
      Pattern Shout-Out–Music, Movement & Magination
      Sorting (Color, Size, Shape) – Ron Brown

   Place Value
      Columns– Arnold Rosenthal

      Numbers With a 1– Listen & Learn
      Place Value– Michael Hradek
      What Place?– Learning by Song
      Ordinals– Ron Brown
      What Comes Next?(19 to 49) – Ron Brown
      What Number Comes First?– Ron Brown

      See all of our Skip-Counting Songs

100th Day of School

      100 Days of School– Kiboomu Music
      100 Days of School Today– Jack Hartmann
100th Day of School– Intelli-Tunes
      Counting by 1, 2, 5, and 10– We Love Math with Miss Jenny
      Counting to One Hundred– Mary Flynn
      Let's Get Fit (Counting to 100 by 1's)– Jack Hartmann
      Zero the Hero Celebrates 100 Days of School– Jack Hartmann
      Zero the Hero– We Love Math with Miss Jenny
      Zero the Hero Exercise and Count– Jack Hartmann

      A Circle & A Ball & A Box & A Square– Ken Whiteley
      Basic Shapes– School Art Theatre Productions
      Circle– Ron Brown
      Circles Go 'Round and 'Round– We Love Math with Miss Jenny
      Crazy Polygon Shapes– Music, Movement & Magination
      I Spy Attributes– Ron Brown
      Rectangles– Ron Brown
      Shape Train– Ron Brown
      Shape Up– Jack Hartmann
      Shapes All Around Us– Music, Movement & Magination

      Shapes Are Great – Michael Hradek
      Shapes Song– Kiboomu Music
      Space Shapes– Music, Movement & Magination
      Square– Ron Brown
      Square Dance to Shapes– Debbie Paulsen
      Triangle– Ron Brown
      You're in Great Shape!!! (Pentagon, Hexagon and Octagon)– Kathleen Wiley
      We Know Our Shapes– Music with Mar.

Units of Measurement
      Boogie Woogie Measurement– Learning by Song
      Cups, Pints, Quarts, Half Gallons and Gallons– Kathleen Wiley
      Is It Shorter, Colder, Lighter?– Music, Movement & Magination
      The Measurement Song - Centimeter, Millimeter, Inch, Foot, Yard, Mile
      – Kathleen Wiley
      The Measurement Song - Music with Mar.
      The Measurement Song - Musical Recall
      Taller/Shorter Longer/Shorter – Ron Brown

Money, Currency, and Budgeting
      15 Cents– Scott Goodman
      Buford & Bessie Go Shopping (Coin Value)–MMMKids
      Business: What About All This Business?– Frank Bruen
      Coin Song– Scott Goodman
      Coins In a Dollar– Kathleen Wiley
      Do You Have Money?– Michael Hradek
      Heads or Tails– Gary Rosen
      How Many Pennies?– Ron Brown
      It Starts with a Penny– Music with Mar.
      Jobs: Getting Things Done– Frank Bruen
      Money– We Love Math with Miss Jenny
      Money– Ron Brown
      Money! Money!– Ron Brown
      Money 1¢ 5¢ 10¢– Ron Brown
      The Money Game– Marla Lewis
      Money in My Pocket– Marilyn M. Linford
      Money: Money, Money– Frank Bruen
      Money Counts–Music, Movement & Magination
      My Piggy Bank–Music, Movement & Magination
      One-Less-Penny Blues–Music, Movement & Magination
      Profit: A Frog For Profit– Frank Bruen
      Skip by Twenty Fives– Scott Goodman
      Trading: A Marigold For Company– Frank Bruen

Units of Time and Telling Time
      12 Months by the Numbers Song– Musical Recall
      60 Seconds in One Minute– We Love Math with Miss Jenny
      Clock Rock– Listen and Learn
      Days, Weeks, Months, Years, Decade, Century– Kathleen Wiley
      Hip-Hop Around the Clock– Jack Hartmann
      Morning, Afternoon, Evening– Ron Brown
      Moving Around the Clock– Music with Mar.
      Smell My Feet (The Time Song)– Tim Pacific
      Telling Time– We Love Math with Miss Jenny
      Telling Time– Marilyn M. Linford
      Tick Tock– Jim Rule
      Tick Tock– Ron Brown

Miscellaneous Math Songs
      Check Your Work– Professor Larry Lesser
      It's Time for Math!– Kathleen Wiley
      Round it Off– Arnold Rosenthal
      Solving Word Problems– Learning Math by Song
      Try Again– Ken Whiteley

Math Books
      Math Facts to the MAX! – Carl Sherrill
      MatheMagical Showtime! – Carl Sherrill
      RiddleMath – Carl Sherrill

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