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A Circle & A Ball & A Box & A Square
Geometry Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Ken Whiteley

This song is available on Ken Whiteley's Musical Mystery Machines

There’s a circle and a ball and a box and a square,
Trace the edges to the corners to find what’s there.
All of the shapes in all of the sizes,
Cylinders, cones and more surprises.

Let’s look at a ball, it’s got no corners at all,
Roll it on the floor or toss it in the air,
Try to draw it on paper, well what’s that there?


Let’s look at a square, and see just what is there,
Count those straight sides one to four,
They’re all the same and what’s more,


Cones, like in ice cream, and there’s more I’ve seen,
The end of a pencil or a party hat,
A spinning top, well what is that?




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Many thanks to Ken Whiteley for permission to display these lyrics.
© Ken Whiteley. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

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