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Make A Difference

Song for Building a Positive and Cooperative Community
Marilyn M. Linford

Make a Difference Song

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To make a difference in this world there is a place to start.
There's many things that you can do and it starts with in your heart.
You take a look within yourself and ask "What can I do
To make this world a better place for me and also you?"
You start by being kinder, or maybe more polite
To a friend or neighbor, now that would be just right.

How can you make a difference
It’s not that hard it's true.
You can make a difference
By being your best you.

Another way to help the world is thinking first of others.
You start by sharing what you have with sisters and with brothers.
Next you help with neighbors in your neighborhood
By being nice and friendly and doing what you should.
Your neighborhood will then become a better place to live
And you can start to make it so by learning how to give.


Try to make good choices, now that's the place to start,
For when you make good choices you work to do your part.
Always try to tell the truth, please never tell a lie.
Be real honest, yes you should and here's the reason why.
The world would be a better place if everyone would be
Honest in their work and play in their community.



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