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Get a Growth Mindset

Song for Teaching Growth Mindset

Get a Growth Mindset Song

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Gotta get a growth mindset
It's the way I know will let
My mind find out how much I can do
If I get a growth mindset
Then my brain will grow and get
Much stronger when I try something new

Every time I make a mistake
That's another step I take
Towards being as smart as I can be
When I make a few corrections
My brain'll make new connections
That's what's known as neuroplasticity


My brain is so fantastic
It stretches like elastic
Depending on the point of view I choose
I won't give up or complain
Because the more I use my brain
The more brain I'll have to use!

And that's why it's good to get a growth mindset!
You can bet it's good to get a growth mindset!

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