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Do You Speak Music?
A Multicultural Music Appreciation Song
Judy Leonard

The song is available on Judy Leonard's Round the World Party Mini Musical.

Na na na, na ne na na
(Na na na, na ne na na)
Na na na, na ne na na
(Na na na, na ne na na)

I know a way to talk without using words
To not say a thing and still be heard
When people hear a happy sound
It fills the world all around

Do you speak music?
You know that it’s real
When you speak music
You say what you feel
Do you speak music
Start with a beat
Do you speak music
Then say it with me, say it with me, say it with ME

(Clap rhythm)

In Scotland the bagpipes are making some noise
From Africa, talking drums get to the point
In India someone is playing sitar
The shakuhachi adds Japanese part


(Improvisation section - make up your own part)



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Many thanks to Judy Leonard for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© 1993 & 1995 J Thomas Tunes Music and Heartstrong Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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