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You've Got to Wait
Margie La Bella

This song is available on Margie La Bella's Play

You’ve got to wait.
You’ve got to wait. (You've gotta wait and take your turn.)
You’ve got to wait. (You’ve got to wait.)
You’ve got to wait. (You’ve got to wait.)
You’ve got to wait.

1. I WANT IT NOW! I said “give it
“Can I have that when you’re done”
That’s a winner for everyone.

2. Breath in some air and now relax.
Easy does it means no panic attacks.
You know the way that things go best.
Just wait awhile and don’t get stressed.

Bridge: You know the very best way to ask it.
Say “Can I use it?” and don’t blow a gasket.

Take a stretch and count to ten.
Now it’s your turn to play again.

Certainly a catchy song for a topic that can be tricky. A chance to take turns playing instruments, moving in place, or dancing. Props are fun (scarves, instruments, streamers, balls...) They can be handed out to every other child in the group, while the other waits and then gets to take his/her turn. Other Uses: Talk about situations that involve sharing. What are positive and negative ways to act. What really works the best. Try having the children lead and follow each other. How does that feel?


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Many thanks to Margie La Bella for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Margie La Bella. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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