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Musical Plays and Operas

Music for School Musicals to Complement the School Curriculum Resources

These songs for musical plays, operas and Readers' Theatre Scripts are available from a variety of music products.

Art Appreciation
          Rappin Clappin Singin 'bout Art Play - Vol. 1 – School Art Theatre Productions

Character Education
          Bullies Anonymous  – Bad Wolf Press
          Character Matters  –Bad Wolf Press
          Character Matters II  –Bad Wolf Press
          Conflict Resolution Helps You Find the Very Best Solution – Ben Stiefel   
          The Magical, Musical, Amazingly Beautiful Pencil!  – Ben Stiefel 
          Mother Goose Character Camp   –Bad Wolf Press
          Munchkin Mediation   –Bad Wolf Press
          Rock Solid Kids  – Keith Hafner & Laszlo Slomovits 
          Showing Respect – That’s the Key   – Ben Stiefel

Healthy Habits
          The Day the TV Broke (Promoting Exercise and Healthy Living)  – Andrea Moon

          K-3 Christmas Concert Ideas  
          1-5 Christmas Concert Ideas  

Language Arts
          Aesop's Fables Deluxe –Bad Wolf Press
          Alice's Adventures with Idioms –Bad Wolf Press
          Cinderella: A Modern Makeover –Bad Wolf Press
          Grammarosaurus –Bad Wolf Press
          Pirates From Grammar Island –Bad Wolf Press

          Geometry: Polygons (10-Minute Mini) –Bad Wolf Press

          Biomes: Animals and Plant in Their Habitats blank –Bad Wolf Press
          Environmental Show blank –Bad Wolf Press
          Geology ROCKS!  blank–Bad Wolf Press
          The Rumpus in the Rainforest  blank–Bad Wolf Press
          Vacation On Mars  blank–Bad Wolf Press    

Social Studies and Geography
          13 Colonies  blank–Bad Wolf Press
          American Revolution blank–Bad Wolf Press
          American Symbolsblan–Bad Wolf Press
          Gold Dust or Bustblan–Bad Wolf Press
          Martin Luther King, Jr.blank(10-Minute Mini)  –Bad Wolf Press
          U.S. Geography  –Bad Wolf Press 


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Musical Plays and Operas

Musical Plays
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