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Musical Play: Rappin Clappin Singin 'bout Art
Musical Play with Vocal and Instrumental Albums
School Art Theatre Productions


* New musical plays written around original songs with catchy melodies!
* Use for full scale musical production!  * Use songs or single sketches for classroom!
* Suitable for many grade levels!  
* Many interesting characters based on real life teaching experiences.
* Lessons Themes: Art concepts, Art History, Character Development, Classroom Management 
* More subject areas to be released soon!

Sketch One
Artists Draw the Pictures

Mrs. Hues: (Carries a clipboard with the actual script to help her with her lines.)
Good afternoon boys and girls. I am so happy to see you! It will be totally awesome learning about art today! Whooh!

Cameron: (Stands) Wow! Do you always act this way? I never had a teacher that was as happy and joyful as you are. (Sits back down)

Kayla: Yes, Cameron, she always acts this way. So get used to it. You will have fun and learn at the same time!

Mrs. Hues: The first thing we will be doing is learning names of artists. I know you will all have fun rappin', clappin', and singin' along with me. Remember, if you don't behave, then I will have to give you a bad sticker. (She points to the sticker behavioral flip chart in the front of the classroom.) I say sticker, you say bad. Sticker!

Class: Bad!

Mrs. Hues: Sticker.

Class: Bad!

Mrs. Hues: I say sticker, you say bad. Sticker!

Class: Bad!

Mrs. Hues: Sticker!

Class: Bad!

Mrs. Hues: Radical! Awesome! Now, everyone please stand up and rap and sing with me. (Fill in the student's names who will come up to lead this rap and song.)
_________________ and ________________ please come up to the front of the classroom and help me lead our first rap and song. (The two students walk up to the microphones while the rest of the children stand up to rap and sing.

Intro (rap) track #1, Page #1 in the lyric booklet

Artists Draw the Pictures (song) track #2, Page #2 in the lyric booklet

Mrs. Hues: Totally awesome boys and girls! Now, please take your seats. (The children sit down on small chairs that are arranged like a classroom.) Now, raise your hand and tell me which artist you can remember from our song.

Tiana: (Raises her hand)

Mrs. Hues: Yes Tiana, thank you for raising your hand. Which artist do you remember?

Tiana: (Jumps to her feet) Vincent van Gogh!

Mrs. Hues: Very good! Vincent van Gogh is one of my most favorite artists. I just love his artwork. He put so much emotion and energy into his paintings. Can anyone else name an artist?

Cameron: (Waving and raising his hand.)

Mrs. Hues: Yes Cameron, which artist can you name?

Cameron: Marc Chagall. I have seen one of his painting in a museum. It was really cool. The painting is called, "I and the Village." Marc Chagall painted the horse blue in his picture. It's like a crazy mixed up dream. It's far out dude!

Mrs. Hues: You are so right. I think his painting is way cool too! He did use images from his dreams in his pictures. He grew up in Russia and painted things from his farm. He also depicted symbols of his faith, which included crosses and beads.

Sketch Two
Basic Shapes

Mrs. Hues: Great job boys and girls! Now, who can name the basic shapes.

Arnold: (Raising and waving his hand) Ooh, ooh, ooh! I can! I can! Call on me!

Mrs. Hues: Great Arnold! Please come up to the front of the class and tell us.

Arnold: Yes, Mrs. Hues! (As he walks up to the microphone he trips over his shoe lace.)

Class: (laughs)

Mrs. Hues: Now class, it is not right to laugh when someone falls. Go ahead Arnold, tell us the basic shapes. You can do it!

Arnold: (He makes snorting noises while doing his lines. He draws the shapes with his finger in the air as he says the shapes.) Triangle, rectangle, circle, oval, square. (Then he snorts two times real loud in microphone.)

Class: (Laughs)

Mrs. Hues: Great job, Arnold! Let's all stand up and rap and sing about basic shapes!
(Fill in names of students who will come up to the microphones for this.) ______________ and ______________ please come up and help me lead the class on this Basic Shapes rap and song. (Mrs. Hues moves around the stage while she is rapping and singing. Students stand up in front of their chairs to rap and sing.)

Basic Shapes (rap) track #3, Page #3 in the lyric booklet

Basic Shapes (song) track #4, Page #4 in the lyric booklet

Sketch Three
Elements of Art

Mrs. Hues: Totally awesome! Please take your seats. You all did a great job on your shapes. Now we are going to learn about the elements of art. Who can name them?

Arnold: (Raises and waves his hand) Ooh, ooh, ooh! Call on me, Mrs. Hues!
Mrs. Hues: Yes, Arnold, come up to the front and tell the class what the elements of art are.

Arnold: (As he walks up to the front of the class, Cameron pushes him and makes him trip and fall. Arnold drops his pens.)

Class: (Laughs)

Mrs. Hues: Cameron, I saw you push him. Now put a bad sticker by your name. (He walks up to the behavior chart and puts a sticker by his name) I say sticker. You say bad. Sticker!

Class and Cameron: Bad!

Mrs. Hues: Sticker!

Class and Cameron: Bad!

Mrs. Hues: Now Cameron, please go to Arnold and tell him you are sorry.

Cameron: (Cameron walks up to Arnold and hugs him.) I am sorry Arnold.

Arnold: (Hugging Cameron) That's ok Cameron, I forgive you.

Class: (Each student puts their hands on their hearts.) Ahhhhhhhhhhh, how sweet!

Mrs. Hues: Good job class! Now, let's listen to Arnold as he says the elements of art.

Arnold: Line and shape, color, form, value, texture, and then there's space. (snorts 2xs)

Class: (Laughs)

Mrs. Hues: Excellent Arnold! Now, let's all stand up and rap and sing about the elements of art! _________________ and ________________ please come up and help me out. (All students stand up and rap and sing the next two numbers. The one or two that you've filled in on the lines take their places on the microphones. Mrs. Hues dances around and leads the children in the rap and song.)

Elements of Art (rap)
track #5, Page #5 in the lyric booklet

Elements of Art (song)
track #6, Page #6 in the lyric booklet

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Many thanks to Sharon Luanne Rivera for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© School Art Theatre Productions. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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