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Rappin Clappin Singin 'bout Art Musical Play -
Lesson Plans and Vocabulary
School Art Theatre Productions

Lesson Plan Topics and Vocabulary Words
                        Sketch One - "Artists Draw the Pictures"

Lesson Topics: *Marc Chagall - "I and the Village" *Vincent van Gogh *Different Ways Artists Create Throughout History *Class Behavior/rules/consequences 

Vocabulary: art, artists, draw, pictures, creates, object, real, feel names, abstract, paint, still-life, portrait, country scene, happy, joyful, behave, sticker, emotion, energy, paintings, favorite, dream, symbols, faith, crosses, beads, depicted

                                Sketch Two - "Basic Shapes"

Lesson Topics: *Naming Basic Shapes *Drawing Basic Shapes *Using Basic Shapes to Draw Things

Vocabulary: basic shapes, triangle, rectangle, circle, oval, square, big, medium, small, fish, car, diamond ring, join, sing, people, body, eyes, fins, ruler, compass, free-hand draw, windows, doors, roof
                             Sketch Three - "Elements of Art"

Lesson Topics: *Naming Elements of Art" *Discovering Elements of Art *Character Development-Treating Others Right

Vocabulary: elements of art, line, shape, color, form, value, texture, space, sketching, painting, choose, draw, thin, bold, jagged, straight, short, curved, long, organic, irregular, geometric, three-dimensional, cool, warm, dull, bright, object, lightness, darkness, hue, bumpy, rough, shiny, soft, smooth, create, space, varying degrees, decorative, shallow, flat, infinite, deep

                           Sketch Four - "Principles of Design"

Lesson Topics: *Naming the Principles of Design *Purpose of the Principle of Design *Character Development - Encouraging One Another *Good Behavior is Rewarded
*Consequences for Poor Behavior

Vocabulary: principles of design, balance, unity, rhythm, variety, proportion, emphasis, repetition, organize, drawing, painting, mood,

                     Sketch Five - "Primary and Secondary Colors"

Lesson Topics: *Naming the Primary and Secondary Colors *Color Mixing

Vocabulary: primary colors, secondary colors, red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, green, gray, mix

                          Sketch Six  - "Art and Music Relate"

Lesson Topics: *Art and Music Portray Feelings *Artists Use Color to Express Mood
*Musicians Arrange notes to Express Mood *Rhythm and Movement in Art and Music *Painting Sounds *Dancing to Rhythms *Flowing Ribbons to Music *Pablo Picasso /Blue Period, *Using Tints and Shades in Painting *Creating Tints and Shades 

Vocabulary: art, music, relate, sounds, feel, colors, shapes, rhythm, movement, clap, sway, happy, sad, upbeat, mad, express, glad, dance, ribbon, lines, curvy, straight, bright, cheery, warm, red, yellow, blue, cool colors, cold, black, white, tints, shades, depressed, style, serious, feelings, ribbons, ribbon dancers, wave, paint brush

                         Sketch Seven - "Vincent van Gogh"

Lesson Topics: *Character Development-Showing Respect and Appreciation *Who is Vincent van Gogh? *Emotion in Painting *Texture in Painting *What Subjects Did van Gogh Paint? *Naming Feelings *Expressing Feelings in Music and Art

Vocabulary: neat, clean, consequences, rules, beautiful, happy, sunshine, kind, hero, proud, custodian, respect, favorite, yellow, swirling, blue, background, energy, movement, paintings, repeating, curvy lines, colors, textures, applied, tube, struggled, angry, mad, frustrations, pain, self-portrait, bandage, serious, report, peculiar, intensity, preacher, artist, depicting, poor, art prints, colorful, warm, bright, curly lines, alive, anger, unknown artist, strange, thick, bumpy, mix, palette knife, mental illness

                               Sketch Eight - "Michelangelo"

Lesson Topics: *Michelangelo, His Biography *His Sculptures and Paintings *Working with Clay Basics *Sculpting People *Drawing Human Form * Painting Human Form *Consequences for Bad Choices

Vocabulary: modeling clay, model, human form, painters, sculptors, rules, think, sorry, admitting, apology, special gift, create, sculptures, paintings, people, real, figures, ceiling, walls, sculpt, chipped, marble, perfect, carved, wrinkle, muscle, bone, scaffolding, focal point, inspired, genius, poems, architecture, greatest, master, wet, plaster, painting, fresco,
sorrowful, scenes, magnificently 

                         Sketch Nine - "Art, Art, We Love Art!"

Lesson Topics: *Review of Famous Artists Names *Create and Clean Up

Vocabulary: art curriculum, standards, observe, learning, techniques, reliable, participating, judge, review, art, different, principles, colors, shapes, music, relate, artists, sung, song, sculpt, draw, paint, create, express, clean, mess

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Many thanks to Sharon Luanne Rivera for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© School Art Theatre Productions. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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