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Multicultural Feast
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Music with Mar.

This song is available on Music with Mar.'s "Everybody Speaks Music"

No matter where you go in the world, people get together for food and music. Everyone enjoys sharing their culture. It’s a beautiful thing! This song celebrates that diversity. As each food is sung, music from that culture is played. During the instrumental, all the sounds are played together. These instruments are usually not played together, yet they blended well, just as we people do. After listening, ask children who eats some of the foods heard in the song. Ask them to add other foods their families eat. (Can lead to Math graphing.)

My friends don’t always eat the things I do;
Some eat foods I don’t know.
I like to try these different foods when to my friends I go.

When I go to Jose’s, its arroz con pollo.
Platanos. Que Bien!
I want to go back again. Oh!


When I go to Gioia’s,
its cacciatore or spaghetti.
Her mom says “Buon Appetito!”
Then we know its ready.


Chorizo in Portugal.
Couscous in the Mid East.
Or you can have poi at a polynesian feast!
Kimchee in Korea.
Goulash in Hungary.
But no matter where you go every place has a Mickey D!

My friends don’t always eat the things I do.
We try each other’s foods at least.
And when my friends and I get together,
Its a multi-cultural feast!

This song is a round. First, the melody is sung in solfege. That is the syllables universally used by musicians to denote pitch. (Everyone DOES speak music!). The song is then repeated in English, Spanish and Hebrew. After that, it is done as a round. Divide the class into groups and have them each pick a part. Great for building listening skills! (Usually successful age 8+)

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Many thanks to Mar. Harman for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Music with Mar, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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