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Mr. Frog - You Just Think You're Smart!
Children's Song About Frogs
Dianne Baker

This song is available on Dianne Baker's Frog Songs

Mister Frog, sitting on the lily pad, you just think you’re smart.
Mister Frog, sitting on the lily pad, you just think you’re smart.
But I’ve been watching this old creek
And I watched it and watched it for many a week.
And I know where ...you came from.. Silly Mister Frog

One day as I walked by the creek many days ago.
I spied what I thought was a fish but it was an ole tadpole
He wiggled and waggled and wiggled around..
..his tail looked like a fan.
Then after he looked up at me, he buried himself in the sand! (oh_)


Everyday I watched him and day by day he grew.
It seemed like every time I saw him there was something new.
His head was getting larger and his mouth was WIDE and BIG!
All at once there did appear two spindly green hind legs! (oh_)


Days went by and then I knew just what he was to be.
That silly tadpole had four legs but he could not fool me.
For when he lost his tail one day, I heard him give a croak ”RIBBIT”
He took a big jump for the lily pad……..laughing at his joke!! (oh_)


Ribbit! Ribbit!

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Many thanks to Dianne Baker for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Dianne Baker. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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