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Marching Into Spring
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Listen & Learn


Left, left, left right left
We’re marching into spring
Left, left, left right left
And spring is a beautiful thing (it makes me want to)

Sing about the flowers that will start to bloom
And the yellow sunshine lighting up my room
The air so fresh and the clear blue sky
As to winter, we say goodbye


Sing about riding my bike outside
Going to the park and sliding down the slide
No more gloves or scarf or hat
In the spring, we don’t need to wear that


Sing about the leaves growing on the trees
Open windows and a gentle breeze
April showers, color all around
And the green grass upon the ground



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Many thanks to Rachel Rambach for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Rachel Rambach. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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